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Non-stop Bible Read

Non Stop Sponsored Bible Read

On 20th April 2011, the Annfield Plain Methodist Bible Study Group organised a Non Stop Sponsored Bible read in support of the Ladder of Hope Trust.
The E100 Bible Reading Challenge was used which is a new exciting way to read through the Bible. The Challenge is to read 100 carefully selected, essential, short bible passages – 50 from the Old Testament and 50 from the New testament – that help you to get the “big picture” of the Bible without getting bogged down. In this anniversary Year of the Bible, another question was addressed – which is best Ancient or Modern? Two teams carried out the “read” – one reading from the King James Bible and the other from the Good News.
Tea, coffee and biscuits were served throughout the day and soup and sandwich lunch plus tea and cakes were on sale for all who wished to pass through and listen for a while.
The event started at 09.00hrs and ended at 22.14hrs – a total of thirteen hours fourteen minutes continuous public reading of the Bible.
A total of £400 was raised for the Trust

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