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Great North Run – Bev Raises £750

A big Thank You to everyone who supported my sponsored run for the Ladder of Hope Trust.

I would just like to thank everyone for their Great North Run sponsorship, our estimated total stands at about £750 (including Gift Aid) which is a huge amount and a lot more than I thought I would raise.

The run itself was an amazing experience, the atmosphere created by both the enormous number of runners and the thousands of spectators (even in the rain) lived up to the GNR’s reputation as the biggest and best half marathon there is. I ran with fully kitted up firemen, Spongebob Squarepants, several bananas, nuns of both sexes, a donkey and a giraffe, plus many people like me just plodding away raising money for a wide variety of charities. It took me just short of 3 hours to complete and I managed my 3 seconds of fame on the BBC coverage as I finished!

Thanks again to all who contributed, every penny will make its way to the project in Zambia and support its valuable work.


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