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nkwazi bike hire      CINDI boy      jacobs picture of Nkwazi children

These fantastic pictures of the Children at CINDI were taken by the talented young Jacob Burden.

Having returned from Nkwazi four months ago I still think of  all at CINDI often, but  over this weekend the children have been at the forefront of my mind, as I look forward to meeting up with the other Trustees at our AGM in Durham in a couple of weeks time and also because Philippa , Jacob and I were lucky enough to enjoy an early morning Skype with Eliz, Phyllis and Christopher on Friday. We have learnt that because the price of Copper has fallen the economy is suffering. This has a direct impact on the number of children seeking support from CINDI, whilst CINDI  itself is operating in even more challenging circumstances, than they were in when we visited. In July there were 10Kwatcha to the pound, now we are told there is 18 Kwatcha to the pound. Times are extremely tough and they are relying on our support even more.

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