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5th-7th July 2015

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We  had the pleasure of meeting three out of the five new Trustees of CINDI. Firstly, Timothy Katenekwa, a judge living in Ndola.  Father George at the Mishikishi Mission Farm- previously supported by CINDI and a great friend of Christopher Mwamba.  Scholastica Saaid, retired Head teacher and Department of Education Board Secretary.  All of whom kindly agreed to have their photographs taken.  We are looking forward to having regular contact with them to build upon the mutual feeling of togetherness we found in the spirit of CINDI.

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Phyllis and Christopher treated us to fantastic day out at Nsobe Game reserve, about 50Km out of Ndola. We had a delicious picnic on the side of the lake – with Phyllis sporting her Ladder of Hope T shirt. We spotted a family of Giraffe, Impalas and a troop of Monkeys swinging about in the trees. We certainly learnt a lot about Zambia’s most deadly snakes, which in our minds were not really housed very safely!  However, we were relieved to hear that anti venom was available on site.


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