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4th July 2015


Today was an extraordinary CINDI (Kansenshi) board meeting with – from left to right – Christopher Mwamba, Project and Accounts Officer, Elizabeth Mukeya (vice chair), Nicholas Malama (chair), Emma Owen (LOH trustee), Phyllis Bwalya, CINDI (K) Director, Patrick Bwalya, executive committee member, (and no relative of Phyllis), Prisca Bwalya, vice treasurer (and Phyllis’s daughter) and Philippa Burden (LOH trustee) – Jacob Burden, Philippa’s son, also present and taking the pic.  And in the background, the CINDI (K) van.

Nicholas chaired the meeting admirably, giving a very warm welcome to the LOH visitors from England and steering us through all the different aspects of the CINDI (K) organization.  We discussed the community school, the farm, the Margaret Rose house project and some of the major issues, such as maintaining the boundaries, electrification at CINDI (K), security on the farm.   We were also delighted to hear that five people have agreed to become trustees of CINDI (K).

At the end of the meeting, in view of the encroachment problems, we all walked the boundaries of CINDI (K) and saw for ourselves how they are shifting.


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