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Progress indeed. 26/06/2016
Maize Harvest 2016 26/06/2016
Imogen and Roger getting ready for visit 30/05/2016
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8th July 2015 22/07/2015
5th-7th July 2015 22/07/2015
4th July 2015 05/07/2015
2nd-3rd July 2015 03/07/2015
1st July 2015 cont 03/07/2015
1st July 2015 03/07/2015

Progress indeed.


16.06.16 I (Emma Owen) had a few minutes to spare whilst waiting for my daughter to finish a ballet class and sent a Whatsapp message to Christopher to see how things were going. Great news Christopher was waiting for the man from the electricity company Zesco to connect the supply of electric. This really is excellent progress and in addition Christopher reported that they had, that very day had a donation of 20 mattresses for the Margaret Rose center.

Maize Harvest 2016


03.06.16 Christopher sent a whatsapp message to let us know that the Maize harvest had been gathered and was better harvest than last year which is good news in Indeed.

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Imogen and Roger getting ready for visit



Imogen and Roger looking forward to visiting CINDI from 23rd-28th June.  Can’t wait to meet everyone having heard so much about all the good things that are going on…looking forward to joining in!

St Leonard’s Church, Hythe is sponsoring a community lunch on Saturday, 25th June – over 200 children already signed. Do join them breaking bread together!  Please send your pictures



nkwazi bike hire      CINDI boy      jacobs picture of Nkwazi children

These fantastic pictures of the Children at CINDI were taken by the talented young Jacob Burden.

Having returned from Nkwazi four months ago I still think of  all at CINDI often, but  over this weekend the children have been at the forefront of my mind, as I look forward to meeting up with the other Trustees at our AGM in Durham in a couple of weeks time and also because Philippa , Jacob and I were lucky enough to enjoy an early morning Skype with Eliz, Phyllis and Christopher on Friday. We have learnt that because the price of Copper has fallen the economy is suffering. This has a direct impact on the number of children seeking support from CINDI, whilst CINDI  itself is operating in even more challenging circumstances, than they were in when we visited. In July there were 10Kwatcha to the pound, now we are told there is 18 Kwatcha to the pound. Times are extremely tough and they are relying on our support even more.

8th July 2015


IMG_0267IMG_0287 IMG_0284 IMG_0280 IMG_0278

Good bye to CINDI from Philippa and Emma.  It was hard to say good bye feeling that we had only just said hello. The children sang “Home is where the heart is” there wasn’t a dry eye.  Octavia lined up all the children and due to kind donations from friends and colleagues back in the UK we were able to give each child a lollipop and a biro. Jacob has another two weeks to continue helping Boyd in School much to the delight of the children.

We have come away feeling connected to all at CINDI and really celebrate the tremendous achievements in the face of difficulties, day to day, week to week, month to month year to year.  A story of everyday courage and resilience.

5th-7th July 2015


  IMG_0235  IMG_0219 IMG_0297

We  had the pleasure of meeting three out of the five new Trustees of CINDI. Firstly, Timothy Katenekwa, a judge living in Ndola.  Father George at the Mishikishi Mission Farm- previously supported by CINDI and a great friend of Christopher Mwamba.  Scholastica Saaid, retired Head teacher and Department of Education Board Secretary.  All of whom kindly agreed to have their photographs taken.  We are looking forward to having regular contact with them to build upon the mutual feeling of togetherness we found in the spirit of CINDI.

IMG_0243  IMG_0239

Phyllis and Christopher treated us to fantastic day out at Nsobe Game reserve, about 50Km out of Ndola. We had a delicious picnic on the side of the lake – with Phyllis sporting her Ladder of Hope T shirt. We spotted a family of Giraffe, Impalas and a troop of Monkeys swinging about in the trees. We certainly learnt a lot about Zambia’s most deadly snakes, which in our minds were not really housed very safely!  However, we were relieved to hear that anti venom was available on site.


4th July 2015



Today was an extraordinary CINDI (Kansenshi) board meeting with – from left to right – Christopher Mwamba, Project and Accounts Officer, Elizabeth Mukeya (vice chair), Nicholas Malama (chair), Emma Owen (LOH trustee), Phyllis Bwalya, CINDI (K) Director, Patrick Bwalya, executive committee member, (and no relative of Phyllis), Prisca Bwalya, vice treasurer (and Phyllis’s daughter) and Philippa Burden (LOH trustee) – Jacob Burden, Philippa’s son, also present and taking the pic.  And in the background, the CINDI (K) van.

Nicholas chaired the meeting admirably, giving a very warm welcome to the LOH visitors from England and steering us through all the different aspects of the CINDI (K) organization.  We discussed the community school, the farm, the Margaret Rose house project and some of the major issues, such as maintaining the boundaries, electrification at CINDI (K), security on the farm.   We were also delighted to hear that five people have agreed to become trustees of CINDI (K).

At the end of the meeting, in view of the encroachment problems, we all walked the boundaries of CINDI (K) and saw for ourselves how they are shifting.


2nd-3rd July 2015



Emma delivering her Growing Up talk with Phyllis giving a lively Bemba interpretation to the 25 girls taking part in the workshop.


Over two days the girls, original 25 plus another 9, made 54 sanitary pads all sewn by hand.


Jacob with his class of boys.

1st July 2015 cont



In Nkwazi compound where all the CINDI kids live – children, children everywhere…

1st July 2015



At CINDI – we met all the workers and the children – who all sang to us – with such a gorgeous noise, such enthusiasm and gradually edged closer and closer to us!